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Asset Transaction Capability


















We provide independent advice to our clients on acquisitions and divestments of acreage or changes in ownership of equity stakes in capital projects.


We offer support from the early stages of identification, screening, and assessing risks and opportunities right through to financial structuring and sales completion:


Support to sellers

  • Perform seller's due diligence and provide an unbiased opinion of the asset
  • Assist with preparation of the Information Memorandum/Teaser. Our experienced team produce high quality documents that support a smoother passage through the transaction.
  • Provide active marketing with a targeted approach to potential buyers
  • Assist with virtual and physical data rooms - we are experienced in hosting a data room service, easily accessible in our central London location
  • Assist with deal closure


Support to buyers

  • Perform technical due diligence, taking a fully integrated approach from subsurface to facilities and point of sale


Our technical capabilities include G&G, reservoir engineering, well engineering, surface facilities, economic analysis, commercial and supply chain considerations. This in-house expertise allows us to conduct a robust, coherent and timely analysis drawing on experience from across the full project lifecycle. Clients have found that our independent perspective allows them to be better prepared to answer (or ask) key questions during the divestment (or acquisition) process.


Asset Valuation

We carry out asset valuations to support acquisitions and divestments, M&A activity, equity share and portfolio analysis.


Asset valuations may include:

  • CAPEX, OPEX, DRILLEX, ABEX estimates
  • Fair market value assessments
  • Pre-tax and post-tax economic analysis
  • Review/audit of cost estimate
  • Reserves and production profile assessment
  • Risk assessment
  • Sensitivity analysis


Once we have made an independent review of the asset and understood our client's strategy, our objective is to match interested parties, and facilitate introductions between buyers and sellers. Our strong client base and extensive network of associates allows us to draw on a wide array of sources for suitable referrals that meet specific client needs and wishes. Our strategic partnership with SPTEC Advisory, a corporate finance boutique, allows us to provide a fully integrated technical, commercial and financial service.