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Corporate Strategy

Upstream Advisors offer industry insight and understanding to help oil and gas companies develop their corporate strategy initiatives.


We conduct market intelligence studies and analyses and combine these with our in-depth expertise to help companies formulate their goals and objectives.


We work closely with our clients to help develop a comprehensive profile of their capabilities, map out any gaps, and identify potential opportunties that align with their desired strategic direction.


Business Process Improvements

Business process efficiency is becoming an increasingly important factor in the successful delivery of oil and gas E&P projects in the new low oil price environment. Traditional work systems and processes are being challenged as costs and schedules have escalated.


In a changing industry landscape it is critical to establish and maintain a process workflow that meets organisational goals and objectives and stakeholder needs in the most effective way possible.


Our consultants have many years of experience leading and managing complex projects. We have worked with organisations of all sizes to help review, analyse, and improve processes in order to meet changing goals and objectives, as well as to ensure asset integrity and process safety.


Change Management

Corporate strategy initiatives or business process reviews may necessitate organisational or processs change.


Our consultants have significant experience in designing, implementing and managing organisational-level change as well as systems and process change for E&P companies around the world.


We also support National Oil Companies (NOCs) in new and emerging markets with less well established upstream industries. Through developing their human resources and business processes we are able to help in the journey from non-operating participants to active operators.